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ArtStream West Plains Middle School

2002-03 West Plains Middle School ArtStream

Our topic was stream and river habitats and the effects of nonpoint source pollution on the denizens of those habitats. Teachers Pam Hessee, LaVada Mann, Kevin Smith, and Jim Dill worked with us to design this interdisciplinary project. Mark Giles was the artist in residence for this ArtStream. Mark is a nationally known graphic artist who specializes in conservation education.

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   Macroinvertebrate Learning Resources
   ArtStream Project Guide for Educators 

Accomplishments with this ArtStream:

Students from art, science and computer classes at all grade levels participated in a three hour workshop to make sculptures of macroinvertebrates and other residents of stream habitats.

7th and 8th grade students recorded audio sound effects and narration for the movie.

Students learned about topics such as:

  • The life cycle of macroinvertebrates, and their place in the food chain.
  • The effects of sedimentation and other forms of nonpoint source pollution on aquatic life.
  • How macroinvertebrates can be used to judge the health of a stream.

5th grade students designed cartoons about macroinvertebrates as storyboards for the project.

8th grade students in video production produced a movie about the sculpture workshop.

The development of content for ArtStream has been funded through the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region VII, through the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, has provided partial funding for this project under Section 319 of the Clean Water Act.

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