ArtStream  Ava Summer School Journal

Ava Summer School ArtStream Journal : Making Block Prints
by Jenna Weston, project artist

Back in the classroom, I helped students to select one of their drawings to be made into a print. This was transferred to a soft printing plate and carved with cutting tools. Elements and principles of art were discussed, such as a balance of light and dark areas, variety of textures, and expressive use of line. When the carvings were completed, they were inked and hand-printed. Two Middle School teachers assisted me with materials distribution, clean up, and so on. Their help was most appreciated.

Artist Jenna Weston demonstrates how to get the plant drawings on to the printing plate.

   Drawing plants on printing plate

Drawing plants on printing plate

  "Can we stay IN from recess to work on these?"
The printing process was met with much interest and enthusiasm by the students, as evidenced by their repeated exclamations of "Cool!" and "Awesome!" as they worked. They even asked if they could stay in from recess to work uninterrupted!

Using the cutting tools, cutting the printing plate

  "I really like this - I didn't think I would."
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