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ArtStream Ava Mural Project


Ava Mural Project 2009- "Lessons Learned" Paintings

Artist Name is below the picture

painting1 painting2 painting3 painting4
Rachel Brown Kalynn Miller Carol Williams Brandon Barrus
painting5 painting6 painting7 painting8
Emma Wood-Page Brett Johnson Aimee Johnson Malissa Schmutzler
painting9 painting10 painting11 painting12
Zach Nash Geoffry Denton Rachel Urbanowitz Henry Weathersbee
painting13 painting14 painting15 painting16
Lauren Porter Eric Jackson Courtney Levan Travis Mitchell
painting17 painting19 painting20
Kiri Anderson Kristen Cathcart Chandler Stount Adam Robertson
painting21 painting22 painting23 painting24
Aaron Scislowicz Alex Toll Kelsea Pettit Matt Bishop
painting25 painting26    
Cheryl White Julie Taylor