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Glenwood ArtStream Field Trip to Tingler Prairie

Field Trip to Tingler Prairie

The Glenwood horticulture class listens to Rhonda Rimer, natural history biologist with the local Missouri Department of Conservation.
Tingler Prairie and Glenwood have similar landscape and habitat. The two areas are on the same general ridgeline [see topo map]. Tingler has been restored to its native prairie habitat, so the object of this field trip was to see what a restoration could look like on the Glenwood school grounds.

Rimer talks about prairie grasses with a group on the observation deck.

The restored prairie at Tingler
Rimer sent the students on a scavenger hunt to find native plants. Examples are Mayapple, Virginia Creeper, Violet, and Tallgrass.

Native prairie grass

Violets grow here too

A prairie find

Mayapples blooming in a woodland area
Tingler has a wetland area and sinkhole pond. These two boys waded in to retrieve some floating trash and ran out yelling, "Why does the water smell so bad?"
For more information on Tingler Prairie, see the Missouri Master Naturalist's Nature Journal Series

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