ArtStream  Willow Springs Middle School ArtStream Journal Field Trip

Field Trip to Eleven Point
by Sharon Lewis, Willow Springs ArtStream lead teacher
On June 21st we explored the Eleven Point River at Thomasville. Wendy Ziegler and Wanda Byrd taught nature journaling and water quality monitoring using macroinvertebrate study.

Stirring up the gravel bottom to move the macroinvertebrates into the net, and washing rocks to loosen macroinvertebrates

Look at all the tiny insects!        

Visual survey of the area/intro to nature journaling      

Name that plant
(stinging nettle)

Name that critter

Taking notes on aquatic life       

A quiet moment by the river

Excerpt from student nature journal: The water was very soothing to watch as it moved along. The water was very clear and cool as it touched you when you were in it. It had beautiful surroundings such as trees, riverbeds, and lots of grass. When you sat and listened to it, it's as if it was talking to you. You heard the birds chirping and the treetops moving in the wind. I guess in other words, it if you listen closely, nature will talk to you.
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