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The 8th graders created and presented an experiential activity day about the aquatic/riparian food web for the younger students.

Our class divided up into pairs and headed for the elementary school to read to all the summer school students. The students taught the others what they have learned through skits, poetry, and song. In the pictures below you see two members of the class reading to the kindergarten and then playing a game with them. All the stories were related to animals or animal ecology. Our students are now celebrities in the elementary school! 



Making costumes for the play about stream life and food webs

All students made tie-dye shirts to represent the animals they are to portray on the last day of school for a skit to presented to the entire group of summer school students.

Working on the mural  
Students spent three days working with Ron McGarry, high school art teacher at Willow Springs, creating their own version of a scene on the Eleven Point River which included all the life required for a typical food web along a typical Ozarks river riparian corridor. Under Mr. McGarry's supervision (and lots of help) students learned techniques for making a scene come "alive".
The results of this hard work and time really paid off. Each member of the class was clearly surprised and totally amazed by what they had accomplished in such a short space of time. Several of these students are now looking forward to taking art class as they enter high school in the fall. Thanks Mr. McGarry!

The finished mural became the backdrop for the "Food Web Café"
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Photos and text by Sharon Lewis, Willow Springs ArtStream lead teacher.

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