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Communities Villages in the Watershed 

Villages in the Watershed 
Some of these small communities are special to just a few people, who remember other, and better, times. Sometimes they serve as meeting places for all who live in the area. Sometimes there is only a store, a gas station, and a church. These villages, and more, are all marked on our watershed map.
Champion Drury
The old general store at Drury, with the new store going up next to it. 
This is the old community of Champion, in a quiet valley by Fox Creek. There's a store, gas station, and church.  

There are many interesting old community names in the area. Sweden is southwest of Vera Cruz on Highway 14. The post office was established in 1899 and by mistake it was named Sweden. The people of the community intended to name the post office for an old settler named Sweten. But somebody spelled it wrong, and so it was called Sweden. Squires, south of Ava, was established in 1889 and named for John Squires, an Englishman who ran a store and the post office. Read about the Squires VFD.

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