Earth Geology Geologic Time Scale Jurassic Erosion

Jurassic Erosion

208 to 146 million years ago

Uplift and erosion continued throughout the Jurassic Period. No Jurassic rocks are found in the Ozarks area. Erosion continued stripping away the Mississippian and Pennsylvanian sediments across the Ozarks Dome.

In the west, mountain building continued all along the edge of the North American and South American continents. In the east, rifting continued as Europe and Africa split away from North America to form the Atlantic Ocean. Rifting occurred in the south as the Gulf of Mexico began to form by splitting the Yucatan away from North America. An arm of this rift may have extended up the Mississippi valley to the boot heel of Missouri to create the Mississippi embayment and set the stage for the New Madrid Fault zone.

The Ozarks area was still in the tropics, moving north to about 15 degrees north of the equator.

During the Jurassic, the dinosaurs continued to thrive and dominate.

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