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Bryant Watershed Education Project         The Peter Callaway Excellent Ozarks Educator Award


Excellent Ozarks Educator Award Offered

The Bryant Watershed Education Project established the Ozarks Excellent Educator Award to honor Peter Callaway of Brixey. Mr. Callaway founded the Project in 1996 because he “believe(s) that students need to connect to the place they live, and to do so they need to learn about their own backyard, their local watershed."

The Excellent Ozark Educator Award is funded by an endowment that friends and supporters of Mr. Callaway’s opened at the Community Foundation of the Ozarks. Each year’s winner will receive a framed award and $500.

Nominations are welcomed from students, parents, administrators and fellow teachers. Nominations must be postmarked by April 15. Click here to download the nomination form.

“We’re looking for educators in the south central Missouri Ozarks who are using the practices and values in their teaching that demonstrate what place based education is all about,” said Leslie Collins, Board President.

Place based education values and practices include:
Developing students' appreciation and understanding of the Ozarks
Integrating local culture, history and ecology into the curriculum
Taking students outdoors and into the community to learn
Bringing community members into the ;earning environment as resources
Utilizing multidisciplinary and active learning approaches

Educators working at any school, public or private, located in the following school districts are eligible:

Alton, Ava, Bakersfield, Cabool, Dora, Fairview, Gainesville, Glenwood, Howell Valley, Junction Hill, Liberty Birch Tree, Mansfield, Mountain Grove, Norwood, Koshkonong, Richards, Skyline, Thayer, West Plains, Willow Springs, Winona.

Educators working with children and youth in nonschool situations in our area will also be considered.

Excellent Ozarks Educator Award Winners
2008: Mary Ann Mutrux, Willow Springs 8th grade
Mrs. Mutrux has been teaching for 23 years. She began localizing her course work for students while teaching in the Mountain View School District, offering a high school level class in Ozark Geology, and later taught that course for 8th graders at Willow Springs. Now, in addition to her regular science classes, she teaches a class she developed called Ozarkology.
"The students learn about the natural communities in the Missouri and the Ozarks, studying geography, geology, and ecology through active participatory learning. They work together on special projects, both in and outside of the classroom to help them understand their personal and ecological connections with nature," says Mrs. Mutrux. "You would be surprised how few students really know about the Ozarks and their natural surroundings. Many students
know more about nature in foreign countries than their own backyard because they are watching nature on television rather than experiencing their own environment. We live in a pristine and unique natural system in the Ozarks. Our students are its present and future stewards. If they don't learn how to manage it wisely, who will?"

educator award to Woolsey

2009: Edwin Woolsey, Richards 3rd grade
Mr. Woolsey is being recognized for his consistent dedication to multidisciplinary, active learning that brings the history and ecology of the Ozarks alive for his students. Mr. Woolsey's diligence and persistence has brought all kinds of resources to his students, from rocks and birds nests to historical documents and community elders. His annual local history project has given hundreds of children insights and experiences they will never forget.
( local history project - link to http://www.watersheds.org/education/richards/index.htm )

Nomination Form

  Peter Callaway


Peter Callaway founded the Bryant Watershed Project in 1996. He stated, "We believe that students need to connect to the place they live, and to do so they need to learn about their own backyard, their local watershed."

Peter supported the creation of this website, the Bryant Watershed Atlas, and its use in local public schools in the Ozarks.

For more information, see the BWP Historical Sketch