History Works Fruitville Brochure

Do you desire to live in a wonderful country where the conditions are all present for the physical and intellectual growth of children and the preservation of bodily and intellectual vigor on men and women?

Do you desire to live in a beautiful village, in sight of the church, within hearing of the school bell and within speaking distance of your neighbors, and own a farm nearby, where you can farm, raise fruit and keep bees?

Do you desire a home in a modernly built village with only good people for your neighbors and friends?

Do you desire to live in a village where there are no houses which are offensive to the eye or unsanitary in condition?

Do you desire to live on the Southern slope of the beautiful Ozarks in a delightful climate, where the water is pure and plentiful?

Do you desire to live where the sun shines more days in the year than elsewhere and where the summer nights are always cool, and the weather is mild during most of the year?

If you have had delightful dreams of health, home and happiness, under ideal conditions as above, and desire them to come true your wish can now be gratified.

Col. Jay L. Torrey owns the Fruitville Farms composed of ten thousand one hundred and fifty-eight acres of land in Howell County—in the beautiful Ozark country

Fuller Swift
Sales Manager of Fruitville Farms