History Works Fruitville Brochure

in the best Fruit Belt in Missouri and one of the very best in the whole country. It is a rolling country—not level nor mountainous. Both the water and air drainage is perfect.

It is a healthy country in which to live. There is very little sickness and what there is is mild in form.

Springfield is nearby to the northwest and Kansas City a little farther on in the same direction; St. Louis is to the northeast 187 miles; Memphis is only 148 miles to the southeast. These nearby markets consume all of the surplus products of the country.

The refrigerator car service is such that the fruits, berries and vegetables can be sold in any market in the country.

A topographical survey has been made of the Fruitville lands of Colonel Torrey, and they have been divided into farms of from about ten acres up.

Apples, peaches, strawberries and all of the other fruits, as well as all of the grains and grasses, can be grown on these farms.

This is an ideal dairy country.

It is in this country that poultry thrives so amazingly that the center of the poultry industry of the United States is near here.

It is a country of blooms and flowers and hence the honey bee gathers honey in quantities not possible in less favored climates.

The long growing season, the mild weather, the short winters, all result in a vigorous and beneficial growth of everything in the vegetable and animal kingdom.

In short this is an ideal country for men, women and children; for cows; for hens, ducks, turkeys, and geese; for the honey bees, for big red apples and luscious  

M.B. Clarke
Cashier, West Plains Bank