History Works Fruitville Brochure

peaches , and all the other fruits; for flowers; for vegetables; for grains and grasses; and all other living things.

In order to furnish to humankind the delights of country life with the conveniences and advantages of city life the village of Torreytown has been platted near the center of about one hundred Fruitville Farms.

Those who buy a Fruitville Farm can live in the Village with all of the comforts of social intercourse and church and school advantages, as well as all of the delights and profits of owning and operating a farm.

I earnestly believe that the opportunity is here presented of improved physical conditions and for the cultivation of the mind by a residence in the village of Torreytown.

The West Plains Commercial Club’s Endorsement

At a meeting of the West Plains Commercial Club held on December 29, 1911, proceedings were had as follows:--

The committee, consisting of the cashiers of all the banks of West Plains heretofore appointed to consider what action, if any, the Club should take with reference to the improvement of the Fruitville Farms and the building of Torreytown thereon near Fruitville in this county, reported as follows: --

West Plains Commercial Club,
Gentlemen: --Your committee heretofore appointed begs to report as follows: --
Col. Torrey.
We are familiar with the large area of land in this county embodied in the Fruitville Farms, and have known,

C.C. Chandler
Cashier, First National Bank, West Plains