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Fruitville Map

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Text at bottom of map:
The above map shows Fruitville Farms, numbered 101 to 166, with the number of acres on each farm. There is a good and healthy building site on each farm and each farm fronts on a road.
Mr. Paul Evans, director of the Missouri Fruit Experiment Station at Mountain Grove, and the Hon. W. C. Paynter, a Representative in the Legislature from Oregon County, both eminent horticulturist and agriculturists, have examined each of these farms and given a certificate as to the growth thereon of fruits, vegetables, melons, grains and grasses. Copies of this certificate will be furnished on request.
The Honorable W. C. Cordell, Presiding Judge of the County Court of Howell County, and Mr. R. S. Hogan, President of the West Plains Bank, have examined the above farms and very carefully fixed prices on each of them, ranging in price from $20.00 acre up, and aggregating a total of from $278.88 up.

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