History Works   Broadfoot Characters

Costumed Actors Bring Broadfoot Characters to Life

Left to right: Al Rose as John Wilkins, Jem Duffin as Lennis L. Broadfoot and Marideth Sisco Miss Nancy Ann Rasor talk to students about life in their time.

Colin Collins as Henry Boxx demonstrates
his craft of making shingles. (see pioneer tools)

Jem Duffin as Broadfoot Al Rose as John Wilkins, bee hunter and dealer in dogs and guns.
Marideth Sisco as Miss Nancy Ann Rasor. Nancy Ann blows her horn.  

Photos by Wanda Byrd, BWEP Education Specialist and Jude Duffel, Missouri Master Naturalist. History Works is supported by a generous private gift and a cadre of community volunteers. Collaborating groups include the Harlin Museum, the Bryant Watershed Education Project and the West Plains Council on the Arts.

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