History Works   Pioneer Tools

During History Works, the Harlin Museum’s collection of tools, along with live demonstrations of their use, brings early pioneer times in the Ozarks to life.

Colin Collins as Broadfoot character Henry Boxx demonstrates shingle-making. The tools used are the froe and a homemade mallet.
Hand-cranked corn sheller Simple corn sheller - nails in a board Corn grinder for making cornmeal
Corn planter and corn sheller. The “foot” at bottom of the planter dispenses the seed. Jim Decker demonstrates the corn planter; pulling the lever up opens the foot. Sharpening a sickle blade with a file.
Jim Decker talks about crosscut saws This tool is a traveler. It measures
the circumference of a wagon wheel.
The singletree is used to
harness an animal to a plow.


Photos by Wanda Byrd, BWEP Education Specialist and Jude Duffel, Missouri Master Naturalist. History Works is supported by a generous private gift and a cadre of community volunteers. Collaborating groups include the Harlin Museum, the Bryant Watershed Education Project and the West Plains Council on the Arts.

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