A Scavenger Hunt in the Atlas

Find the answers to the following questions:

1. About how long is Bryant Creek?
2. About how many acres are in Bryant Creek watershed?
3. What towns are on the outside edge of Bryant Creek watershed?

4. About how many square miles is Bryant Creek watershed?
5. Name ten of the tributaries of Bryant Creek.

6. What are four recreation areas in Bryant Creek watershed?

7. Where does Bryant Creek begin?
8. What river does it flow into near Tecumseh?
9. What are the names of the school districts which have students in Bryant Creek watershed?

10. Give the names of five places pictured in the Atlas.

11. Is a watershed made up of water or land or both?
12. Name the three main counties in Bryant Creek watershed.
13. For what living thing does Norfork Dam create new habitats?

14. Name the three old mills that operated in Bryant Creek watershed.
15. When was each one built?

16. What are four things that happened at the water mills?

17. With what horse breed were five-gaited horses bred to create the Missouri Fox Trotter?

18. What hotel began when railroads first came into Bryant Creek watershed?
19. At one time Bryant Creek watershed was the hunting ground of what tribe?
20. What place in Wright County is the second highest point in Missouri?