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Watersheds Scavenger Hunt

This exercise is used in the Team Watershed classroom activities.

print-ready handout

: If you need an answer sheet, email us

Go to the Bryant Creek Scavenger Hunt (with clues)

Find the answers to the following questions. 

Write your answers on the handout.

1. What is a watershed?

2. The highest point of land dividing southern Missouri from central Missouri is called:

3. The river basin south of that ridge is called:

4. Place the following rivers in the correct order, going from the smallest and highest in elevation to the largest and lowest in elevation: White River, Bryant Creek, Mississippi River, North Fork (of the White River).

5. What large river does the Gasconade River empty into?

6. The Mississippi River empties into what body of water?

7. In what watershed(s) is Dora located?

8. What is the total length of the North Fork River?

9. What is the total length of the Bryant Creek?

10. Which watershed is larger, North Fork River or Bryant Creek?

11. Why is the flow greater on the North Fork?

12. The North Fork River flows into what lake?

13. What is the headwaters of a stream?

14. A major contributor of water to Bryant Creek is?

15. Bryant Creek headwaters originate in the ______________ Conservation Area which is located near _________ the second highest point in Missouri.

16. The term perennial means that flow occurs?

17. Bryant Creek flows through what three Missouri Ozarks counties?

18. Bryant Creek joins what river?

19. What mill is located near the confluence (coming together) of the Bryant Creek and the North Fork River?

20. What town is located near the confluence of Bryant Creek and the North Fork River?

21. The greatest land use in the Bryant Creek watershed is?

22. A river or stream that flows into a larger river or stream or into a lake is called a?

23. Norwood, Mansfield and Skyline are located in what Bryant Creek tributary watershed?

24. Which tributary to Bryant Creek has an elevation ranging from 1,560 feet to 970 feet above sea level?

25. ____________________________ drains a small area west of Dora. It drains south from the Highway CC ridge; west off Highway 181; and north from a county ridge road.

26.Missouri's State Champion black gum tree and ancient post oak and cedar are located in what Bryant Creek tributary watershed(s)?

27. Which Bryant Creek tributary watershed is about 105 square miles?

28. Which Bryant Creek tributary is the second largest in contributing to the flow?

29. A resort restaurant and rainbow trout ranch is located on what Bryant Creek tributary?

30. Dora school district is located in which Bryant Creek tributary watershed(s)?

31. Which Bryant Creek tributary includes Dora on Hwy. 181 at the head of the branch?

32. ______________________, a low-water bridge, carries CR H328 across the Bryant between Highway 181 and FF, in Ozark County on the west, to H in Howell County on the east.

33. ___________________ was established before the Civil War. It became the first county seat of Douglas County.

34. One of the largest (15th) springs in Missouri is located at ___________  __________  _______ on Bryant Creek.

35. ___________ was used in an experiment to trace groundwater movement to Hodgson Mill spring from the Dora sinkhole dump 6 miles away.