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Outdoors Hunting

  There are many places in the Ozarks where hunting opportunities are plentiful.
Hunting is allowed, in season, in all Public Recreation and Wildlife Areas.


whitetail deer Bryant Creek watershed is unique because it holds the place where deer and turkey hunting in Missouri began its restoration, after populations had dwindled to near extinction throughout the state. In the 1930s, when people began to be aware of the impact of generations of harvests by market hunters, the conservation movement in Missouri was born. But when state officials began searching for viable populations of deer and turkey from which to begin restoration efforts, there were no deer to be found. 

A lone wild turkey population was discovered in the steep hills and ravines around Caney Mountain in Ozark County. More than 7,000 acres of that area were purchased by the state, declared a wildlife refuge, and fenced, not to keep in the turkey--they knew where they were safe--but to keep out hunters with dogs. Deer and additional turkeys were brought in from other states, and research on habitat development was started. Today, populations of deer and turkey are thriving statewide, largely due to these efforts. If you hunt for deer or turkey anywhere in Missouri, take off your hat to the efforts of wildlife biologists at Caney Mountain Conservation Area



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Hunting in Missouri Information on seasons, limits and regulations.

The Wild Turkey in Missouri
Missouri Whitetail Deer
  Written by Marideth Sisco. Photo: USDA.