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Eleven Point Watershed

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The Eleven Point Watershed drains about 1,024 square miles in portions of five counties within Missouri. These include Howell, Oregon, Ripley, Carter, and Shannon counties.

Land use and land cover within the Eleven Point Watershed is largely forest/woodland at 64.9%, while grassland/cropland comprises 34.4% of the watershed. The watershed has two urban areas with a population of over 1,000 persons: Mountain View (population 2,036) and Willow Springs (population 8,152). Approximately 22% of the watershed is in public ownership with the majority of this land managed as part of the Mark Twain National Forest.

The Eleven Point River originates near the town of Willow Springs, in northeastern Howell County. The river flows southeast across northern Howell and Oregon Counties and then south into Arkansas, joining the Spring River near Black Rock, Arkansas.

Major tributaries of the Eleven Point River include Middle Fork, Spring Creek, Hurricane Creek, and Frederick Creek. Greer Spring also contributes significantly to the flow of the Eleven Point River, turning the river into a cold water stream. The Eleven Point River between Thomasville and Highway 142 has been designated as a National Scenic Riverway Area.

Eleven Point Conservation Opportunity Area

The Missouri Department of Conservation has joined with partners to take an “all wildlife conservation” approach. Conservation Opportunity Areas (COA) are priority places for all wildlife conservation. Each Conservation Opportunity Area has a stakeholder team that determines goals and conservation actions. They also have resources available for public and private landowners interested in joining their local efforts.
 Download Eleven Point COA report

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Eleven Point
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