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Kayaking the Eleven Point

Greer Access

Loading the boats at Greer Spring Access. There's always so much stuff to take!

A peaceful stretch of river between Greer and Whitten Access.

The Eleven Point River is the only National Wild and Scenic River in the Missouri Ozarks. The river flows through the Mark Twain National Forest and National Park land in Oregon County.

Turner's Mill water wheel, almost all that's left of the old mill. It thrived in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Link: The Alton mural of Turner's Mill, by local artist Michael McClure, working with Alton students and community members.

  This "water rock" at Whitten Access is apparently a spring in the rock. It's only dry when there is a severe drought.

Below: navigable area of the Eleven Point in Missouri. This trip was from Greer to Whitten.

Eleven Point River map
Link for more info: Eleven Point Scenic River

Barb Cody
Barb Cody is a member of the Ozark Chapter of Missouri Master Naturalists. She scanned these photos of her kayak trip for us. Photos are by Clara Williams & Martha Mills.

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