Student Guide to the Karst Movie

1. Look at the opening screen of the movie. Identify familiar features of the landscape.

2. Click on Karst Features. The cutaway appears revealing the underground features of karst. Identify any features that you can. What is happening to the water flow?

3. Click on the arrow in the lower right corner. Buttons appear on each karst feature. Now that they are located, name any that you know. Click on the buttons for the definitions.
What karst features do you have in your area? Have you visited any of them?

4. Now click on Main Menu to go back to the opening screen, and click on Nonpoint Source Pollution. Look at the scene.
What does nonpoint source pollution mean?

5. Identify potential sources of NPS in the picture. When you have named all you can, click on Answer and check for ones you haven't named. Each button will explain how a source may contribute to NPS. Do you have any experience with any of these contributors?

6. Click on View with Cutaway to reveal more possibilities.
What now becomes more obvious?
How is the pipe different from the other contributors?
Do you have any experience with these contributors? Have you seen a sinkhole used as a dump? Have you had a septic tank cleaned at your house, or helped to install one?

7. Click on the arrow in the lower right corner. Suggest answers to the question. Click through the answers. What is the significance of the well in the illustration?

8. What ways do you know about that help manage NPS from the different contributors? What are the best management practices? What personal experience do you have with any of these practices?

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