Student Writing Prompt

How-to Instructions

For years you have been a caver who is actively involved with a cave organization. Your interest in caving began when you were a child growing up in the rural Ozarks. You and your older brother often explored caves in your area.

Today, instead of just exploring caves, you are a volunteer in an organization whose mission is to promote and institute cave appreciation, education, conservation, safety and research. Your interest is to not only to share your love of caves with others, but to map caves for the development of a cave inventory for the state of Missouri. Due to your high level of interest and participation your organization asked you to attend a national caving conference in Kentucky (at their expense)! At the conference you received training on cave mapping skills. After your return, you decided to create an instruction sheet explaining "how to map a cave" for the organization's membership. In your instructions you define key vocabulary words that the cavers will have to know, needed supplies, and sequential steps that are clear, direct and simple.

Atlas reading: Caving
Read the section: "How did they make this map?"