Student Writing Prompt

Diary Entry or Short Story

Life was full of adventure, danger, routine and hardship growing up in the Ozarks in the 1930's. You expressed your daily excitements, frustrations and reflections about your day in a diary. Occasionally you would even write about your experience in the form of a short story. You were never short of ideas, for your life was full of fishing, hunting, traveling along the creek beds, and the drudgery of your daily chores.

One day when your great-grandchildren were fighting over what channel to watch on TV, you decided to share one of your journal entries. The children objected at first, but before too long they listened carefully, for your diary told of a time and place that was foreign to them. In addition, they were attentive, for the entry you read described in detail what all of your senses experienced. Your great-grandchildren begged for more and after a while you routinely read your diary entries and short stories of long ago to them. This experience caused you to reflect back on your past and you decide to write another diary entry or short story from your memories of long ago. Like past writing, you write in a vivid manner so anyone who reads the writing will feel as if they have been transported into Ozark life in the 1930s.

Atlas reading: Old Timer Remembers