Student Writing Prompt

Guidebook Picture Captions or Poems

Exploring plant and animal life outdoors has always been one of your greatest interests, so your family was not surprised when you studied ecology and hired on as a naturalist at a state nature center. One of your many responsibilities includes writing the captions for pictures in a guidebook. This guidebook is to be purchased and used by nature enthusiasts as a reference guide as they hike and explore nature in the Ozarks.

You have been provided with a series of photos that will be used in the guidebook. You have been assigned the task of writing captions for the pictures that explain any relevant plant, animal or other interesting information that hikers may look for in similar areas. Each caption should be scientifically accurate, clear and interesting. To make the guidebook more appealing, your superior has encouraged you write poems for any of the pictures if you are inspired to do so as long as the poem meets the caption objective. Write the captions for the photos that your supervisor has designated or allowed you to choose from.

Atlas reading: Bryant Creek Photo Tour and Nature section.
Photo Tour: