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Communities Ava Student Showcase Newspaper Stories 

Newspaper Stories about the Atlas

The following work was produced in May, 2001 by Ava 7th Grade Language Arts classes, Donna Sherman, teacher. The assignment: You are a newspaper reporter. Your assignment is to write an overview of this educational website, the Bryant Watershed Atlas.
The Bryant Watershed Atlas
Brandi DeGase
The Bryant Creek Watershed 
Eli McDowell
The Bryant Watershed Project
Tabetha Ridenour

The Bryant Watershed Atlas

By Brandi DeGase

The Bryant Watershed Atlas is a computer website that is very educational. The Bryant Watershed Atlas tells you about the plants, water, outdoor activities, and some things about what will happen in the future, and many other things.  On the Atlas Index there are categories such as nature, services, and the future.

Each category has something different in it. Nature talks about plants, animals, and habitats. Services talks about fire departments and recycling centers. Future of course has ideas about the future. Also, Earth has things such as geology, meteorology, and hydrology. 

Everything on this computer website is very educational. People our age could use this website for reports, things for school, and work. Their motto suits them well: A World in Our Watershed.

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The Bryant Creek Watershed

By Eli McDowell

I think that the Bryant Creek Watershed Atlas was a very educational site. I would recommend that you go look at it. It shows you a map of where Bryant Creek runs. You can even take a test about Bryant Creek Watershed to see what you know and what you don't know. You can see what the plans for the future are or what was done in the past.

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The Bryant Watershed Project

By Tabetha Ridenour

The Bryant Watershed Project is an educational website dedicated to teaching people about its wonders. After browsing through the website, I realized that a lot of work has been put into this project by the makers and viewers. 

The Index page has many interesting places to go. I personally like viewing Nature. It has many interesting facts about some of the creatures who live there. They picked very interesting animals to write about and they make it worth your while. The site shows the habitats of many different animals. I like the way they show pictures of some animals. 

I really believe that this site is very educational and would interest many young and old people. It would make them want to learn about the land around them and maybe even make them want to keep the place clean. So, all in all, it's a wonderful site and everyone will like it.