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Bryant Watershed Education Project Outside and aware in the Ozarks
Educating from the outside in

We believe that students need to connect to the place they live, and to do so they need to learn about their own backyard, their local watershed.


Welcome to watersheds.org, the Web site of the Bryant Watershed Education Project. We are a nonprofit organization promoting active learning and place-based education in south central Missouri.

Please note: As of July 1, 2009, the Bryant Watershed Education Project has entered a dormant period in terms of operating student programs in the south central Ozarks. The website will be maintained. Questions and requests may be directed to email
Where are we?

Our programs combine educational technology, classroom teaching, and hands-on experience. They succeed thanks to the local schools, educators, students, and citizen volunteers working with us. We are based in West Plains, Missouri. Contact us to learn more.

Programs Completed:

programJune 2007 Our Watersheds, Our Homes: Expanding the Atlas Program in the North Fork, Eleven Point, and Upper Spring River Tributaries watersheds. The program includes Stream Days field trips, Team Watershed volunteer opportunities, and the ArtStream multidisciplinary program.

January, 2004: Teaching Up A Creek: a program in collaboration with SMSU-West Plains.
   Final Assessment project report (PDF)
   PowerPoint presentation

2003-04: Pilot ArtStream project at West Plains Middle School.
ArtStream Project Guide for Educators

2001: Middle School Watershed Awareness Project
Our pilot project on watersheds and water quality, conducted at Ava Middle School.

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