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Richards R-V The West Plains Explosion

The West Plains Explosion

The Great West Plains Explosion of 1928

Richards Elementary, 3rd Grade Mural, 2000-2001

For this mural, the students chose to illustrate the "Great West Plains Explosion" of 1928. Besides writing stories in which they tried to imagine ways to prevent the disaster from happening, they produced the mural to picture some of the old West Plains landmarks that have since been lost.

Individuals who worked on the mural: Edwin Woolsey, 3rd grade teacher; students: John, Stephanie, Jessica, Amanda, Adriana, Michael, Cora, Miranda, Jacob, Mackenzie, Heather, Dustin, Dylan, Chase, Shelbi, Brett, Brock, Justin, Jordan.

Student Stories
Including a music clip from the last song people were dancing to before the explosion: At Sundown.