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Nature Tracks in the Snow

Photo Story: Tracks in the Snow

I begin by thinking I like summer better than winter. There's so much more to see in summer. Then I go for a walk. I begin to see things I can't see in summer. 
The snow shows footprints. Here by the water's edge I can see where raccoons went fishing last night.
On the road above the creek I see deer prints everywhere.
Close to the house I found these rabbit prints.
These are wild turkey tracks.
I think these are the footprints of a coyote trotting. At least they match the drawing in my guidebook. They are 13 inches apart, like the book says coyote prints should be.


: Peterson Field Guide, Mammals by William  H. Burt/Richard Grossenheider, Houghton Mifflin, New York, 1980.
Text and photos by Peter Callaway.