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  Fishing at Rockbridge

There are all kinds of fishing enthusiasts, from the little kid with a cane pole dabbling for perch in a farm pond to the big kids with big bass boats and thousands of dollars invested in rigs, jigs, crankbaits and stinkbaits, electric bobbers and electronic fish finders. But sooner or later, if they get really serious about fishing, they'll take up a small fly rod or ultralite spinning gear, and take to the small streams.

Whether you fancy trout or bluegill, the challenge of wresting your dinner from the depths of a shady pool or the sparkling water below a riffle is beyond comparison. In Bryant Creek you will find largemouth and smallmouth bass, rock bass or goggle-eye, bluegill and perch, and, below spring outlets, the glorious rainbow trout. You will also find solitude, beauty, and heart's ease, there for the taking. As long-time Ozarks humorist the late Bill Ring was fond of saying: "If you're too busy to go fishing, you're too busy." 


A Tour of Rockbridge Trout Hatchery: Growing trout for the spring-fed stream at Rockbridge Trout Ranch.

Spawning at Rockbridge: Once a week between late October and late December, they do the trout spawning at Rockbridge Trout Ranch.

A Bryant Creek Fishing Story


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Game Fish of Missouri

Wildlife Code: Information on seasons, limits and regulations.

  Written for the Atlas by Marideth Sisco. Photo by Susie Nightowl.