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Outdoors Howell Creek Stream Team Cleanup

Howell Creek runs right through the town of West Plains. While parts of the creek have water running year round, most of it is dry except during and after wet weather.


Above, cleanup crew members with Anita Brown, Engineering Tech/GIS Coordinator with the City of West Plains Engineering Dept, who coordinated the cleanup.
Below, crew members with LaVada Mann, West Plains Middle School science teacher.

City of West PlainsThe City of West Plains is implementing education & outreach to provide ongoing awareness about our local streams. They sponsored the Howell Creek cleanup with West Plains Middle School.

Clean up date: April 21, 2005

Distance cleaned: Approx. 1 mile of Howell Creek from the east end of Bratton Ave west to St. Louis Street at Neathery Skate Park. 

Organization: West Plains Middle School 5th Grade Science classes, organized by Mrs. Lavada Mann.

Number of Participants: 135

Number of bags of trash: 35, and 1 tire along with several larger objects.

The Howell Creek Stream Team from West Plains Middle School

West Plains Storm Water Program

The City of West Plains is actively implementing a Storm Water Management Program in our community, as authorized by the Clean Water Act which is known as the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit program. This program is designed to prevent harmful pollutants from being washed by storm water runoff into local water bodies or being dumped directly and then discharged into local water bodies. The City is implementing several types of outreach to inform and educate our community. Working together we can make a difference and reduce the amount of pollutants entering streams, lakes and rivers as a result of runoff from residential, commercial and industrial areas.

Missouri Stream Team

Missouri Stream Team sponsors river cleanups and many other activities throughout the state. More info: http://www.mostreamteam.org/

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