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Outdoors Water Quality Monitoring Demo

Water Quality Monitoring Demonstration


On Bryant Creek just below Hodgson Mill, Bob Schulz (in the red shirt), Missouri Stream Team Director, and two staffers gave a demonstration showing how Stream Teams monitor water quality by sampling for stream invertebrates. The location was below the Highway 181 bridge, just above Sycamore Access. The demonstration was part of the annual Bryant Creek Cleanup.

Valerie Hentage and Neil Meredith of MDC Stream Team demonstrate the invertebrate trapping screen and folding table.
Wading into the river with the screen. It's important to sample a riffle, a swift, shallow section of stream where many aquatic creatures live.
John Rothgreb and Pat Hight hold the screen upright at just the right angle.
Scuffing up the bottom to release invertebrates in the gravel, under rocks, and on the plants.
The screen is stretched on the frame, and the group sorts the different kinds of invertebrates.
They use tweezers to pick them up and put them into ice trays.
Each critter gets its own compartment, and the different kinds are added up to get a total water quality rating. This section of Bryant Creek got an excellent score.
The rating depends on the relative number of sensitive and pollution-tolerant organisms that are present in the samples. See the Stream Insects Identification Key for more information.
Missouri Stream Team

Missouri Stream Team sponsors river cleanups and many other activities throughout the state.
More info: http://www.mostreamteam.org/



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