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Watersheds Bryant Creek Tributaries Dry Creek

Dry Creek Dry Creek

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Dry Creek drains a large area south of Mansfield and Norwood. Rainwater falling on the Dry Creek watershed runs south from the train tracks that run between Norwood and Mansfield; west from Highway C; and east from Highway U. 

Macomb is just south of Highway 60 on the northern boundary of the Dry Creek watershed. Olathia is on Highway U, about a mile north of Bryant Creek.

County roads run alongside most of the creek bottom, and on the major ridges. Highway YY ends at the South Fork of Dry Creek. 

Watershed Size: About 50 square miles. 

Click for topo mapTopography
Elevation varies from 1,580 feet above sea level on the railroad between the two towns to 920 feet where the creek meets the Bryant. Maximum relief is 660 feet. 

Stream Flow
Tributaries: Puncheon Camp Creek and South Fork of Dry Creek. Dry Creek is an intermittent stream. Both tributaries are intermittent. 

Much of the flat ground along the railroad is pasture land. The broad ridges and creek bottoms are also clear. The steeper slopes are forested. There are sinkholes around Norwood, particularly on the north side. A cave in the watershed is called "China Pig Hole". 

Topographic Maps
Norwood, Mansfield, Brushy Knob, and Sweden. 

School Districts
Norwood, Mansfield and Skyline.