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Watersheds  Bryant Creek Tributaries Prairie Hollow

location map Prairie Hollow Creek 

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Prairie Hollow is a small, narrow watershed that lies south of Mansfield. Rainwater falling on its watershed runs west from Highway U; east from Highway 5; and south from the train tracks near Mansfield. 

Mansfield is just outside the northern boundary of the watershed. 

Highway 5 crosses the upper Prairie Hollow watershed. A county gravel road runs through the bottom. Three county roads cross the Hollow. 

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Elevation ranges from 1,560 feet above sea level at the railroad on the northwest corner to 970 feet where the Hollow meets Bryant Creek. Maximum relief is 590 feet. 

Stream Flow
Prairie Hollow is an intermittent flow stream. 

Much of the bottom and the broad ridges have been cleared for pasture. The steep slopes are wooded. 

Topographic Map

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