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Communities Ava Student Showcase Vera Cruz Study Trip

The following drawings and comments are examples from those produced by Ava 4th grade students as part of a study trip to the pioneer town of Vera Cruz on Hunter Creek, a tributary of Bryant Creek, east of Ava. The students were asked to draw a watershed, and write about what they learned on the study trip. 

Sarah's drawing 

Ashley's comment: I learned about the Bryant Creek watershed and also the watershed I live in.
I learned about how you could hurt a watershed. 

Brittany's drawing 

Ellie's comment: Watersheds look like trees or branches.
Sometimes they look like our bones or veins. 

Autis' comment: 
I learned that the Bryant Creek flows into the North Fork River.
I also learned that part of Ava is not in the Bryant Creek watershed. 

Miranda's drawing 

Tyler's drawing 

Nichole's comment: 
I learned there are a lot of different watersheds. I learned that insects can live in water. 

Dustin's drawing 

Kati's comment: 
I learned what a watershed looked like. I learned what species eat each other.
I learned what atmosphere does. 

Bradley's comment: 
I learned you don't pour oil on land near a river, lake, stream or ocean because it may cause pollution. 

Ann's drawing 

Ann's comment 
It goes on and on. Water needs to stay cleaner than it is now. The watershed travels. 

Matthais' Comment 
I learned that watersheds are like butterfly bones.
I also learned you can call them branching patterns. 

Brian's drawing 

Brian's comment 
Almost all water that falls inside a watershed boundary flows into a river or a stream.
A watershed also can look very much like the body of a tree. 

Alan's drawing 

Alan's comment 
I learned how watersheds were made. There are many different watersheds.
I live in the Beaver Creek watershed and at the end of the Bryant Creek watershed. 

Heather's drawing 

Heather's comment 
I live in the Bryant Creek watershed. If you live in Ava you don't exactly live in the Bryant Creek Watershed. Some things like a watershed are trees, nerves and veins. 

Tylor's drawing 

Dusty's comment 
All streams, rivers and creeks go to the same place. That's why oceans are so big. 

Meagan's drawing 

Meagan's comment 
The watershed looks like a branch, or lots of rivers draining into one big river.
A river always runs downhill. 

Ryan's drawing 

Genevera's comment 
I learned that a watershed looks like a tree. I didn't know that until you told me.