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History Works
Contact the Harlin Museum about upcoming Historyworks projects.

History Works is a multidisciplinary experience in local history for West Plains area students. 300-400 fourth graders visit the Harlin Museum in West Plains for field trips inspired by the Lennis Broadfoot collection of drawings of pioneer life.

Historyworks 2007
Historyworks 2008


Students explore the Broadfoot drawings as both art and historical documentation of the working life of the Ozarks. The Harlin's collection of tools, along with live demonstrations of their use, brings the Broadfoot portraits and stories to life. Costumed actors play three of the Broadfoot characters and Broadfoot himself:
Henry Boxx, Board Maker, played by Colin Collins.
John Wilkins, Bee Hunter, Dealer in Dogs and Guns, played by Al Rose.
Miss Nancy Ann Rasor, played by Marideth Sisco.
Lennis L. Broadfoot, played by Jem Duffin.

During the visit, students meet and talk with the actors representing the artist and two of his characters. They try their hand at riving shingles, shelling corn, and drawing with charcoal. They study pioneer tools and how they worked, and spend time with a trapper.

Our goal is for the young people to experience the portraits both as art and as historical documents. The students are not just viewers; they are active learners.

Thank you from the Harlin Museum Board
The Harlin Museum Board believes that the collection of art by Lennis L. Broadfoot is a valuable historic resource for the whole community. We were delighted to have Bryant Watershed recognize this resource and so effectively tap into it with a program that was both fun and educational. Our thanks to Bryant Watershed Education Project, especially Lois Reborne, for putting together the History Works program, and we look forward to partnering with you in the future.

Kathy Wofford,
Harlin Museum Board President

The initial development of History Works in 2006 was supported by a generous private gift and a cadre of community volunteers. Collaborating groups include the Harlin Museum, Bryant Watershed Education Project, and the West Plains Council on the Arts.

Partial funding for this program in 2007 was provided by the Coover Regional Grantmaking Program, in partnership with the Community Foundation of the Ozarks. Further support came from the Noon Rotary Club of West Plains, the West Plains Council of the Arts and those wonderful volunteers.

partial funding in 2008 was provided by the Missouri Council on the Arts and the Emerson Foundation - and the faithful volunteers!

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Art Sessions

Student Charcoal Drawings

Pioneer Tools
Broadfoot Characters
Fruitville Documents

History Works,

   Thanks to each and everyone who made our experience a success! The students thoroughly enjoyed our visit, and have each been able to recall many bits of information. The day was very memorable. I look forward to future participation in the program.

Mrs. Smith's class at Richards R-5