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Watersheds Resource Packet

Lesson plans, activities, and resources for learning
about watersheds and water quality

Watersheds of the South Central Missouri Region

South Central Missouri WatershedsFrom the Mississippi River to your local stream in south central Missouri…

Guided Tour: What is your Watershed Address?

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Students often do not understand that they are always in a watershed, and how watersheds fit together, like a series of irregularly shaped basins nested one inside the other. See What is a Watershed? for more information. This unit moves student understanding from the "big picture" of the Mississippi River Basin to the small local watersheds where they live and go to school. Students will be able to identify the watershed in which their school is located, and learn their complete watershed address.

Watersheds Watersheds Everywhere: Our first lesson plan -- designed specifically for use in the seven districts in and around the Bryant Creek watershed. Includes teacher prep, links to maps and worksheets. 4th-9th grades.

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Watershed Addresses
Student Showcase

Watershed Addresses

Graphs produced by Ava Middle School 5th grade in Fall 2001, as an extension of this lesson. The teacher was Barbara Groover.

Watershed Drawing

"Watersheds look like trees or branches. Sometimes they look like our bones or veins."

Ellie, Ava Elementary School. Drawing of a watershed by Meagan, Ava Elementary School.

Lesson Plan

Down By the River
A lesson on water quality and watersheds

Students will learn how a watershed works, and about water pollution and how everyone plays a part in maintaining water quality. This lesson includes a simple research project and learning to document sources appropriately.
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Learning About Watersheds and Water Quality

Background Material

Watershed Maps

Bryant Creek Watershed  Big detailed map. Click the place names for more information.
North Fork Watershed Map
: North Fork River, Douglas, Howell, and Ozark counties
Eleven Point Watershed Map
: Eleven Point River, Howell, Shannon and Oregon counties
Upper Spring Tributaries Watershed Map
: Warm Fork, South Fork, Howell and Oregon counties
Howell County Watersheds
  Interactive map of sub-watersheds within Howell County. Includes school locations.
West Plains Watersheds
: Shows the creeks flowing through West Plains

Illustrated Articles

What is a Watershed?
The Ozark Divide: A Tale of Two Raindrops

What Is Nonpoint Source Pollution? 
Nonpoint Source Pollution: What To Do
Karst Topography and Nonpoint Source Pollution
Field Day at Lawson's Farm
Muddy Day at Pine Creek

Useful Resources

Citing Online Sources
A guide to be used whenever students are doing Internet research.
Student Evaluation Sheet for evaluating online activities using the Atlas.

The development of lesson plans for this section has been funded through the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region VII, through the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, has provided partial funding for this project under Section 319 of the Clean Water Act.