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Communities West Plains


Howell Creek, inside West Plains, is the headwaters of the Spring River. Howell Creek joins Warm Fork, which flows into the Spring River at Thayer, Missouri and Mammoth Springs, Arkansas.

The largest city within a 100-mile radius, West Plains is the“Heart of the Ozarks,” and the hub of south central Missouri.

Click for interactive mapWest Plains School District includes the elementary, middle and high school within the city of West Plains and six elementary schools in Howell County: Richards, Fairview, Glenwood, Howell Valley, Junction Hill and South Fork.

Preacher RoeThe Eyewitness to History series contains interviews with Preacher Roe, Robert Neathery, Bill Virdon and other elders of West Plains.


  West Plains Student Showcase


West Plains Elementary:
Nature Journaling, Poetry
Glenwood: Schoolyard Mapping
West Plains Middle School: Stream Habitats

Community History/Fine Arts

Richards Elementary: Mural Painting and Creative Writing

West Plains High School: Eyewitness to History Interviews with Community Elders

Water Education

Howell Creek Cleanup

Girl Scouts Paint Storm Drains

Howell County Waterfest