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Photo Story: Zanoni Mill Tour

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The weight of the flowing water of Zanoni Spring
moved the water wheel at Zanoni Mill. 
They built this pool to hold water pouring from between rock layers in the hillside.
The water went into a trough, called a flume. The flume took it down to the mill wheel.
The water wheel has paddles on it shaped like buckets. The water filled up each "bucket" at the top of the wheel. The weight of the water in the buckets made the wheel turn. 
As the wheel turned, each "bucket" reached the bottom. Out spilled the water from its front side. The empty bucket made another return trip back up to the top. The wheel kept on turning.
Inside the mill are the old wheels and gears that used to turn to grind the grain. They're connected to the water wheel outside by a long drive shaft.
Here's the hopper, shaped like a funnel, where they poured their grain to be ground into flour.
Today the wheel is still. No water flows through the flume over the top of the wheel. The water is switched to a side trough. No sense wearing out the wheel when you're not grinding grain!
The 58-degree water also cooled a springhouse, an early "refrigerator."
Here's the old general store at Zanoni, across from the mill. It's still used as a polling place. That's where people go to vote when there's an election.


Zanoni Spring

Zanoni Mill history