Mammoth Spring

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The 9.5 acre pond at Mammoth Spring. 70 feet below the pond is the opening of the underground water passage. This tubular cavern in the limestone is 15 feet high and 34 feet wide.

Mammoth Spring flows as much as nine million gallons of water per hour. It is the tenth largest spring in the world.

Most water from Mammoth Spring originates in the rolling hills of southern Missouri. Scientists have used dyes to trace the movement of this underground water from points in southern Missouri to the spring. Look how much comes via West Plains!

Like many other springs, Mammoth exists in what is called karst topography.

The dam and old generating station. The spring once provided a source of power for the city of Mammoth Spring. Lots of water over the dam!

Below the dam, the Spring River joins the Black River 57 miles to the southeast.


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Photos and text by Peter Callaway.
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